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The system requirements for installing MyCAD are as follows. (minimum/recommended)

-. CPU: Intel Celoron, AMD Athlon or higher / Intel I5, AMD Ryzen 5 or higher recommended

-. RAM: 1 GB or more / 8 GB or more recommended
-. SDD/HDD: 1GB or more free space / 10GB or more free space recommended
-. OS: Windows XP or higher / Windows 7 or higher recommended




After entering the password and installing, when the License finder window appears, click Cancel to use.

If it does not work, click the right mouse button on a program such as LayEdPro.exe, select “Compatibility” from the menu that appears, check “Compatibility mode to run this program”, select “Windows 7” and click OK.

The evaluation (demo) version can be used for 14 days after installation, and after the period, the program will operate only if there is a license.
Even if you reinstall the program or change the system time of your PC, you cannot use the program. Please note the benefits.

License finder window to find licenseIf you click the "Cancel" button in , you can use it for free without a license for 2 weeks (14 days) based on the date of the first execution. [However, there must be no record of installing any MyCAD product (including lower versions) on the PC.]
* Precautions: Do not change the system time, use it for 14 days and then reinstall it and use it, there are restrictions on the function.

TEC files using MyChip Station ProThis is an important file that contains the basic environment for

As a technology file, it has settings such as Layer, Color, and Stipple for using LayEd, and a rule file that can be verified can also be specified.

In MyChip Station Pro 2017, polygons of all shapes (circles, rectangles, polygons, etc.) are recognized as areas.To create a Polygon with a hole in the middle of the object, first select Option->; Open the Preferences window and check “Allow Hole” of Boolean Operation in Edit.
※How to make a hole
1. Punch function
Select the base Polygon, hold down the Shift key, select the Polygon you want to subtract, and execute Punch.
2. Subtract function
After drawing the base polygon and the polygon to be subtracted, select the two polygons and execute Subtract.
cf> To create a Polygon with an “Invalid Polygon is not allowed” error message, select Option-> Open the Preferences window and check “Allow Invalid Polygon” of Editing in Edit.

In the HASP folder of the Bin folder of the folder where MyCAD is installed (ex: C:\MyCADPro_TE\Bin\HASP )
If you double-click driver_install_14days.bat, the HASP driver will be installed and “Operation successfully completed” will be displayed on the screen.

HaspDriver.zipIf you double-click install.bat after unzipping the compressed file, the phrase 'User Account Control' will appear and select "Yes" to install. After “Operation successfully completed” is displayed on the screen, just install MyCAD.

After extracting the compressed file, double-click install.bat, and the 'User Account Control' message appears, select "Yes".Select to install
After “Operation successfully completed” is displayed on the screen, simply install MyCAD.

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