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Wafer Service

Epitaxial Products 

Si Epitaxy

(Silicon Epitaxial Wafer)

EPI develops and designs epitaxial deposition process according to the requirement of customers’ devices and manufacture.

Single wafer processing and batch processing are both available.

Process Flow

(SiC on SiC Epitaxial Wafer)

600V~1200V SiC epi wafer

  • Professional services team with mass production experience

  • Fully control the SiC epi and substrate quality by surface mapping, FTIR and CV testing

4" SiC EPIWafer SPEC

6" SiC EPI Wafer SPEC

GaN/Si Epitaxy
(GaN on Si Epitaxial Wafer)

100V~600V GaN-on-Si epi wafer

  • SPC control

  • Professional services team with mass production experience

  • Product without patent infringement as we know

  • Fully control the epi quality by surface mapping and XRD test

  • Low wafer bowing reduce crack risk during device process

  • Low defect trap to avoid current collapse

  • Low sheet resistance to improve device current density

6" GaN/Si EPI Wafer SPEC

8" GaN/Si EPI Wafer SPEC

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