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MyVHDL Station


VHDL Compiler & Simulator

MyVHDL Station supports IEEE std 1076-1987 VHDL language, which is the current standard VHDL, and can verify behavior and structure technologies using VHDL as well as mixed technologies, and IEEE std including record data type, file type, and dynamic ALLOCATION. 1076-1987 VHDL language is fully supported. In addition, by adopting a compiled code method that analyzes the design code designed by the user and creates a simulator that can effectively verify the design, it is compared to the existing version of the interpretive simulation method. Run faster simulations. MyVHDL provides an environment for performing verification through GUI as well as a command input method so that users can select a design verification environment.

Configure MyVHDL Station™

  • MyVHDL : VHDL Code Editor, Compiler, Simulator

  • WaveForm Editor: Automatic Test Bench Generator

  • MyVHDL : VHDL Code Editor, Compiler, Simulator

  • Supports both IEEE 1076-1987 and 1076-1993 VHDL standard

  • Supports Text I/O Library

  • File Read/Write

  • Textio.vhd, Std_logic_textio.vhd

  • Provides VHDL Wizard, syntax coloring, and other features to edit a VHDL file easily

  • User Friendly GUI and Various Wizards

  • Provides various kinds of debugging information for efficient debugging

  • Provides Smart Compile of the file base

  • Allows you to perform operations using commands


  • WaveForm Editor: Automatic Test Bench Generator

  • Automatic Test-Bench generation from waveform.

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