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MyChip Station Pro


Full Custom Layout & Verification

MyChip Station is a sophisticated physical design system, which can turn a Windows based personal computer into a powerful engineering workstation.

It integrates physical layout, verification and translation tools. Using MyChip Station, custom layout will be more accelerated with easy-to use polygon layout feature, highest accuracy verification and compatibility with other tools in a hierarchical design environment.

MyChip Station Pro™ 

  • LayEd Pro : IC, MEMS, FPD Layout Editor

  • MyDRC Pro: Hierarchical Design Rule Checker

  • LayNet Pro : Hierarchical SPICE Netlist Extractor & Electrical Rule Checker (ERC)

  • MyLVS Pro : Layout vs. Schematic Netlist Comparator

  • CifGDS Pro : CIF / GDSII / DXF Data Translator


MyChip(core) Station Pro 

  • LayEd Pro : IC, MEMS, FPD Layout Editor

  • CifGDS Pro : CIF / GDSII / DXF Data Translator

  • It is not only convenient of using but it also is offered at proper price for users, since it is operated on Windows O/S.

  • Other products are operated on LINUX or UNIX environments and the approach is difficult and the price is high.

  • The way of using is simple and based on GUI so the beginner and student can learn and use easily. 

  • Especially, adding and modifying several functions in order to edit the figure which are used in MEMS and FPD.

  • It can design the simple and repeatable pattern and complicated figures easily and simply by using VBS (Visual Basic Script)

  • Customize writing and checking of Design Rule which user wants.

  • It supports the several formats (GDSll, DXF, CIF) so can be compatible with other tools.

  • It will be support DWG soon.

  • Digital Design, Analog Design

  • MEMS


  • Manufacturing various Mask

  • Education

  • IC Design

  • FPD

  • Visual Basic Script (VBS)

  • MEMS

  • Set Repeat in the Object - Ability to optimize the selected object to the wafer size

  • Cross Section View - Layout cross section view support

  • Auto Wiring - Supports vertical/horizontal/vertical, then horizontal/horizontal, then vertical auto-wiring function

  • ANSYS format support  - Ansys interface format support for 3D MEMS analysis

MyCAD 3D.jpg
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