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IoT Parking Guidance System

aParkings is the second-generation ultrasonic guided parking system, and it is a state-of-the-art system with superior   cost-effectiveness compared to the first generation in technology, economy and stability .
  • Technology Advantage: aParkings is a 2G ultrasonic parking lot system  based on IoT technology to achieve the highest operating speed and accuracy

  • Economical (3 in1): 3 systems of parking sensor, lighting,   security camera are installed in one raceway and integrated parking is solved with  IoT control

  • Quality stability: 2G structure achieves zero defects in two-year field tests 

aParkings: a new PGS 2G & 1G comparison

  • 1G: Developed 15 years ago, the existing ultrasonic guided parking system is a 4-stage control system, and there are too many delays and malfunctions in operation time.

  • 2G (aParkings):
    - It is structurally superior to the existing first-generation guided parking system (1G). 
    The structure is simple and stable with 3-stage control.
    Instantaneous operation of the entire system including sensor lights-parking lights-zone/floor parking information boards at instantaneous speed within 1 second.
    -   One SC888 control cable is used to supply control communication power smoothly and drives I/O devices such as induction boards from the nearest sensor controller.   


* As a 3-stage control system, it is simpler than the first-generation 4-stage control, 32-bit system, and each control stage controls more of the lower control system, so it has excellent economic efficiency, speed, accuracy, and stability.


* aParkings, the 2nd generation parking guidance system, is structurally far ahead of the 1st generation by 20 years.
* AParkikngs' external device is driven by the sensor unit (SIC), but the first generation does it inefficiently at each control stage.

System configuration (3 Features): parking, lighting, IoT camera
- Control system expandable according to application 
- Event based parking and lighting system
- 256 level dimming

 - 70% electricity savings in office buildings
- Cyber carpet effect lighting
- 10 to 50% cost savings depending on configuration 


- Three functions installed: parking, lighting, IoT camera


- Interlocking with ETRI BeeAI System:  Test Bed creates & provides IoT big data

- 5 types of convergence: 1. Parking lot 2. Lighting 3. IoT Sensor/Activation 4. IoT Camera 5. (IoT) Outdoor DVR


- Cloud-based unmanned parking control system

- Smart Parking & Management System

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