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MPW Service



MPW (Multi Project Wafer) Service

The characteristic of MPW Service is that it can receive sample chip production service that cannot be provided by other companies including large domestic semiconductor companies.

[Full-Custom/Standard Cell/Customer Tooling (Wafer Status)].

MPW Service not only CMOS standard process but also Bipolar NPN Tr. Various package types are provided by providing buried channel CCDs, GaAs, SiGe, and RF processes as well.

  • Advantages of MPW Service

    • Production of small-volume prototype chips at an economical price

    • Full-Custom, Standard Cell, Customer Tooling (Wafer)

    • Can be produced from small quantities to Medium (500 ~ 2000 dies, etc)

    • Dedicated Run & Single Run available

    • Regardless of the Run Schedule, it can be produced at any time according to the user's schedule

    • Verification of blocks designed with Mixed Signal (Analog and Digital)

    • Ultra-high frequency circuit design using SiGe process

    • Provides various Standard Cell/IP (ARM, Virage Logic, Aragio)

    • Run Schedule once a month to ensure fast progress and fast delivery

    • Supports various packages (Plastic, Ceramic, FlipChip, QFN, BGA...)

  • Important application areas

    • CMOS Analog, Digital, RF

    • SiGe process and device

    • High/Low Voltage, Low Power

    • Image IC

    • ASICs, MEMS, Photonics

    • High/Low Voltage, Low Power

  • MPW Target

    • Those who want to produce a small amount of sample chips cheaply and quickly at companies, research institutes, and universities

    • Those who want to design and manufacture circuits with new functions and performance, low-power circuits, and high-speed circuits for research and development​



  • ASIC Foundry & Technology

    • ams, EM microelectronic, Globalfoundries, IHP, Onsemi, ST Microelectronics, TSMC, UMC, X-FAB.

  • Photonics Foundry _

    • AMF, CEA-Leti, CORNERSTONE, GlobalFoundries, IHP, imec, LioniX, Teem Photonics

  • MEMS Foundation

    • MEMSCAP, Tyndall, X-FAB

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